May 2013: What Lenders Really Think

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Editor’s Note

This section discusses how you can be a true industry innovator.

Your Voice—By Tim Andersom

DocMagic explains the right way to go fully electronic over time.

Recovery Tips—By Andrew Weiss-Malik

360 Mortgage Group shares its thoughts on new regulation.

Market Pulse

Looking to bring in more leads and grow your business? New data emerges to show the way.

Process Improvement—By Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano notes that there is room for a few new innovations to happen over the next twelve months.

Future Trends—By Roger Gudobba

Roger Gudobba defines what innovation really is and how innovation is different as compared to creativity.

Business Strategies—By Michael Hammond

Michael Hammond reveals how to keep up with the fast-moving market and continue to grow your business.

Compliance Roadblocks Ahead—By Lisa Weaver

ISGN details how the right technology approach can ensure compliance.

Taking on The CFPB—By Rick Sharga

Carrington Mortgage talks about how lenders can earn latitude with the CFPB.

Beyond The 4506-T—By Laura Venerable

eLynx asserts that electronic signing goes way beyond just the 4506-T form.

Lenders Speak Out

The PROGRESS in Lending Association Lender Advisory Panel speak out about all the obstacles and opportunities that they face as lenders today.

The 2013 Innovations Winners Are …

Find out here what the top innovations of the last twelve months were.

The Long Way Home—By Don Kracl

Mortech, Inc. says lenders will have to re-learn the purchase market to succeed.

Servicers Need A Hand, Too—By By Barbara Perino and Rebecca Walzak

Perino and Walzak discuss how the new servicing standards can help and hurt us.