The Right Way To Face Market Adversity

*The Right Way To Face Market Adversity*
**By Michael Hammond**

MikeH***As we grow up our parents teach us the difference between right and wrong. When you’re young everything is clear and easy. As we get older, we realize that things aren’t as easily defined. For example, in life and in business we all face adversity. And surely there’s a lot of adversity to be felt in the mortgage industry today. So, how do you succeed regardless? Here’s a tip:

****In a blog that I read recently called “When Adversity Hits, Tell Yourself A Positive Story” by Jon Gordon, the author tells a very compelling story worth repeating here. Gordon writes, “When Charlie Ebersol, the producer of The Moment on USA Network, survived a plane crash that killed his younger brother, one of the first things his mother told him was, “You are allowed to be sad but you can’t be mad, sad. You have to make a purpose and turn this into something good.” Charlie said that this perspective changed his life. He went on to sell his company, gave up all the things he had been doing and focused only on the things he loved—which lead to him producing an inspiring television show like The Moment.”

****Why is this important? In television and life people get knocked down. However, those who see themselves as victims stay down. But those who see themselves as heroes get back up and armed with optimism, courage and faith, they move forward and take action to create a brighter and better future.

****Let’s put it another way. Any film buffs out there reading this? Those who study filmmaking know that in every great movie the main character wants to achieve something but must overcome adversity and conflict in order to get it. And those who study life know it works the same way.

****Whether you want to start a business, build a winning team, raise great kids, provide safe drinking water in Africa, help the homeless, find a cure for cancer, educate children or create a more peaceful world, adversity and conflict will be part of your story as you strive to achieve your goal.

****So, here’s my tip. We all face different kinds of adversity. In doing so you can choose to let it overcome you and your business or you can plan a strategy to overcome. Always have a strategy.

****In the blog I referenced earlier, Gordon puts it this way: When adversity hits you can choose to tell yourself and the world a positive story and work passionately to create a positive outcome.