Success Stories Matter

*Success Stories Matter*
**By Tony Garritano**

TonyG***A lot of times we get caught up talking about the latest trend. In the end some trends stick and others disappear. But what is lasting is success. When a lender succeeds by using technology they don’t go back. In this case, Associated Software Consultants, Inc., developer of the PowerLender Loan Origination System, one of the industry’s few single platforms for mortgage and consumer lending, announced a client success story from Country Bank. Here’s what happened:

****Basic necessity drove Country Bank to begin a search for a new LOS. “Factors for the search included the lack of functionality of our existing system, and a desire to have more control over the lending process,” stated Denise Walker, Director of Retail Lending at Country Bank. “We also wanted to increase the efficiencies of the LOS so that we could do more with less and do it more effectively. After extensive due diligence, we selected and successfully implemented ASC’s PowerLender.”

****She went on to state, “We are extremely pleased with the fact that PowerLender is flexible and user-definable. The ability to refine the system to our needs has provided us with a great deal of control over our operations as well as making us more efficient. An additional benefit is PowerLender’s ability to process mortgage and consumer loans from the same lending platform. Being able to process consumer loans from the same system as our mortgage has saved us a significant amount of time and eliminated the extra expense of managing multiple systems.”

****Dave Stricklen, director of sales at ASC, added, “Many LOSs announce new clients, but you never hear if the lender was successful in implementing and using the system in a production environment. We could not be more pleased that Country Bank can positively affirm both.”

****Walker concluded, “All in all, we are reaping the benefits of PowerLender as a customizable loan platform that has allowed us to become more efficient, and has given us a great deal of control over our lending operation.”