Driving Further E-Signing Adoption

*Driving Further E-Signing Adoption*
**By Tony Garritano**

TonyG***There is more proof that electronic signatures are starting to take hold in our space. Last week I broke news about Data-Vision offering a new e-signing product and today I have more good news on the e-signing front. Communication Intelligence Corporation (“CIC”), a supplier of electronic signature solutions, announced that a financial services leader with over a trillion dollars under management, integrated the electronic signature capabilities of CIC’s iSign Now with its annuity sales technology platform.

****“We are seeing an increased demand from our enterprise-level clients for greater flexibility in capturing secure signatures,” said Katherine Dease, vice president of product management for CIC. “iSign Now was developed to meet the specific requirements of the leading companies in the financial services sector. Agents can now select between remote and face-to-face signature ceremonies in real time from a newly developed portal. As an example, an insurance policy application that was set-up for a face-to-face signature ceremony can now easily be converted to a remote click-to-sign e-signature. The portal allows for changes to be made at any time prior to signature completion on a signatory-by-signatory basis. This flexibility is a huge asset to financial advisors. The financial services leader that was first to deploy this innovative solution has provided positive feedback indicating that they are witnessing an immediate uptick in signature package approvals and are anticipating further increases as agents experience the ease of collecting signatures on their annuity sales platform.”

****“With this high profile implementation, CIC is continuing its leadership in Tier One financial services where bulletproof esignature solutions are required for providing complete straight-through processing,” said Robert Williams, vice president sales for CIC. “E-signatures represent a faster, easier and much more cost-effective alternative for agents and the back-office to close transactions. With iSign Now and its flexible signing options, our clients’ sales cycles become even faster by offering the ability to match signature methods to their customers’ individual situations, whether in person or remotely.”