Our Big News

*Our Big News*
**By Tony Garritano**


***Over 130 executives gathered at the Third Annual ENGAGE Event. Topics like cyber security, efficiency tips, compliance hurdles and much more were discussed. In addition, PROGRESS in Lending announced some big news.


****As we all know, those companies that innovate will thrive and those that cling to old practices may find themselves snuffed out. On the publishing side of things, we’ve seen publishing companies in the mortgage space that cling to old-fashioned ideas downsize, downsize, and downsize some more. PROGRESS in Lending was formed to reinvent the concept of publishing such that we act as a repository for thought leadership to help the mortgage business thrive through innovation. As such, unlike others, we continue to grow and have opportunistically looked at ways to recreate and reimagine distribution channels to get you the type of information that you need to improve your business.


****Well, we’re at it again. As a means of survival, B2B publishing companies in the mortgage space have been forced to cut well-established reporters and today choose to instead bombard you with a myriad of newsletters that all contend that they are breaking news. While they fight over who will be the first to deliver the news, we at PROGRESS in Lending want to be the first to take you behind the news. Top reporters and industry experts will gather here each month and tell you why they think this news story or that trend should be important to you. Let us put the latest news and trends into context for you so you can gain valuable perspective.

TLI1113W2-1****And you don’t have to just read this newspaper either. Several stories will include embedded video and audio to help you engage with content in a way that is totally fresh and unique. This monthly newspaper is not about delivering a story first, it’s about delivering insight from trusted sources that can help you improve your business, hence its name, Today’s Lending Insight. We hope that you like our latest industry publication as we look to creatively deliver fresh concepts that help the lending space improve. This newspaper will offer our industry a fresh way to digest the news. When does this newspaper launch officially you might ask? It’s  coming straight to your e-mail starting next week Wednesday. Stay tuned …