Lender Takes Educating Borrowers Seriously

Churchill Mortgage, through its homebuyer workshops, has helped prepare nearly 1,000 borrowers for homeownership. Since the series’ launch seven months ago, the lender has hosted almost 200 events. Churchill is provider of conventional, FHA, VA and USDA residential mortgages across 33 states.

Designed to educate borrowers on the primary steps to homeownership and facilitate a seamless purchase, Churchill hosts the monthly workshops in different cities throughout the country. Attendees receive gainful insight into the end-to-end home buying process, including budgeting tips for home financing, how to complete a mortgage application, tips for selecting the right loan program and locking in an interest rate, and what key mistakes to avoid when shopping for a home. Churchill also presents attendees with a copy of their credit report, provides the opportunity to meet with a home loan specialist and discusses what to look for in a Realtor® and other local experts involved in the home buying process.

“The steady rise of home prices combined with pent-up demand has increased the number of first time buyers entering the market this year,” said Mike Hardwick, president of Churchill Mortgage. “Our Home Buyer Workshops have helped more than 1,000 people across the country to approach the home buying process with confidence. Building on this success, we have scheduled workshops throughout the remainder of the year to empower more borrowers to pursue and achieve the real American dream of debt-free homeownership.”