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In an article that I read recently called “4 Perks to Using Infographics in Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy” the author asserts that infographics can be “a very educational, entertaining and useful tool that grabs people’s attention. They have become increasingly popular over the past decade.” I totally agree with that claim, but you just don’t see many mortgage-related infographics. Why? I think it has to do with awareness around how to use them appropriately.

In the end, infographics take your data and content, present it in a visually appealing manner that combines the best of text, images and design to tell a story. With all of the content, tweets, LinkedIn updates and videos created daily, a simple visual aid such as an infographic can make your brand stand out in the crowd, and they are fun to share.

If you’re thinking about including infographics as part of your content strategy this year, here are 4 perks to using them in growing your online discoverability, according to this article:

1. They Stimulate Brand Awareness

An infographic can be a visual interpretation of your brand message. It attracts attention. Because they are so visually appealing, infographics can be used to reinforce your brand in a positive way. They should be designed using your company name and logo along with consistent colors, shapes, font size, messaging and a link back to your website or blog for effective brand awareness. You can also include a snippet of code that makes your infographic easy for others to share and is a powerful means of increasing brand awareness.

2. They Are Visually Appealing Content

Let’s face it…most of us have short attention spans. Do you scan content vs. actually read content from start to finish? If you have a busy schedule (like me) with many things to do in your day, then you might tend to scan content more than reading every word in a blog post or web page. Since infographics combine images, colors and content that naturally draw the eye, they grab our attention better than plain text. We tend to remember information that we’ve seen more so than read.

If you’re a B2B marketer, the best way for your content strategy to stand apart from your competition is to provide really good, interesting and “pleasing to the eye” information. Tell a compelling story in a visually appealing manner. Whether your goal is to educate or entertain, share data in an attractive way that tells a story and is useful to your target audience.

3. They Offer A Search Advantage

People are more likely to click on and share a visually appealing and compelling infographic and link to the original source which can drive more traffic to your website. This can help with driving traffic from search engines.

If authoritative people or companies link to your infographic from their websites and blogs, you get more than just building your audience. You can also earn higher search engine rankings. Search engines consider an incoming link to your website from another authoritative site proof that you are a trustworthy and valid content source.

4. They Enhance Viral Capabilities

Infographics are easy to share on any medium, which enhances viral capabilities. They are superb content for social media sites, blog posts, email marketing campaigns, eBooks, white papers, printed brochures, Slideshare presentations, and the list can go on and on. It can be a multi-purpose piece of content promoted in many ways.

All around, it’s a great idea to include an infographic as part of your content strategy this year in helping your business grow. Just make sure that you grab your target audience’s attention with a visually appealing infographic using valid data to back it up. Infographics are great marketing tools when done right.

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