Celebrating Lending

The American Bankers Association and bankers across the country are celebrating American Housing Month throughout June. In the coming month, ABA will provide consumers with information on how to gauge whether the time is right to buy a home, what they need to know to select a reputable lender, how to obtain the best loan to meet their needs, and information for renters.

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“It is important for people to choose the housing option that is best suited for their current lifestyle and financial situation,” says Frank Keating, president and CEO of ABA. “There are many paths to quality housing and banks are prepared to help customers navigate whichever path they choose.”

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Throughout the month, ABA will provide a variety of resources at aba.com/consumers – including tip sheets in English and Spanish and calculators – to help educate consumers on the issues and options of housing. These materials will cover important topics including:

>> Aging in place;

>> Reverse mortgages;

>> Housing choices: The pros and cons of renting and buying;

>> Choosing a lender and get a loan;

>> Saving for a down payment;

>> Basic mortgage and rental terminology;

Improving your credit score; and

Making your home more environmentally friendly.

The American Bankers Association is the voice of the nation’s $15 trillion banking industry, which is composed of small, regional and large banks that together employ more than 2 million people, safeguard $11 trillion in deposits and extend more than $8 trillion in loans.