Pioneers Form New Company To Transform Mortgage Lending

In today’s mortgage market, mortgage lenders are being hit by a lot of outside forces that makes it harder for them to compete and remain profitable. For example, new regulation is taking up a lot of time and energy. Lenders are forced to navigate from crisis to crisis to just keep up and comply with each new rule. Also, new, younger borrowers are entering the homebuying arena that want a dramatically different mortgage experience. To combat these and other issues, mortgage technology pioneers have created a new company called eRelevant. Here’s the scoop:

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“Lenders have been so focused on things like TRID, but that’s too minor a focus,” said Kelly Purcell, managing director at eRelevant. “You have to think holistically. Lenders need a full eCommerce strategy, not just a compliance strategy.”

eRelevant is all about eCommerce and helping its clients remain relevant to their customers. The company’s tagline is “Breathing Life into eCommerce.” As such, the idea is to make lenders relevant today and into the future. eRelevant is a consulting firm developed by pioneers in the industry with a combined 100 years of experience in marketing, IT and digital presence.

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“We have compiled a team of experts,” added Purcell. “You are looking at a team that has over 100 years of experience in marketing and transforming the whole mortgage process. We are the pioneers that are now coming together to offer up our expertise.”

The new company not only provides consulting for eCommerce, marketing, eSignature, compliance and technology solutions, but it actually provides implementation services, as well. Purcell jokes that the company likes “getting our hands dirty…ish.” All jokes aside though, many consulting companies can offer up their expertise, analysis and recommendations, but few will also see their clients through to implementation.

“The rest of the industry has focused on eCommerce as a commodity. They will say, “Here’s our package, take it,” noted Doron Krinetz, vice president of marketing at eRelevant. “However, we at eRelevant will assess our client individually. We look at where the client is coming from and where the client is going. We want to advance every client through eCommerce.

“Everyone involved in this company has a lot of experience in this industry,” continued Krinetz. “We offer ourselves up as a consultancy, but we can also do implementation. We don’t just analyze companies and recommend solutions, we can also implement those solutions.”

Aside from its industry knowledge and implementation services, the company differentiates itself in other ways, as well. “We are technology neutral,” explained Purcell. “We also pride ourselves on speed to market. We also offer legal expertise. We can provide legal advice that the services and approach that we recommend are legally compliant.”

To reach out to eRelevant, the company can be found online HERE.

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