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Exceleras, creator of the DispoSolutions Real Estate Owned (REO), ValueSolutions Collateral Valuation and ClearView Offer Management platforms, released scheduled updates for its platforms this week, including upgraded workflow capabilities, new reporting options and additional task management controls. The company offers its clients improvements to its SaaS solutions on a regular basis.

“Our customers are working in markets that are changing daily and while the work they do remains largely the same, the requirements for success are easier to achieve with the right software,” said Amy Bergseth, Vice President of Operations for Exceleras. “Our customers are not expected to be satisfied with yesterday’s software. This requires our programming staff to be continuously improving the products we offer. That’s exactly what we do.”

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Exceleras develops, updates and maintains all of the software it offers to the market. The company has established a schedule of regular updates, which it shares with its customers. As new requirements come to light, they are added to the schedule.
The most recent updates to the company’s software include more intelligent workflow for tasks in the REO system, the ability for staff administrators to configure the default task ownership behavior for tasks automatically launched by the system, and numerous enhancements to the Staff List including the option to show or hide employees who are no longer on the project and to provide a new search function. In addition, the Closing Status Report has been enhanced to include additional information and pending properties.

“Constant improvement is a commitment to our customers that we take very seriously,” said Exceleras President and CEO Michael Harris. “It’s what they expect from a partner in their success. I’m pleased that Amy and her team continue to roll out valuable enhancements to our offerings on schedule. It sets us apart and the pace our technology developers are setting is very difficult for any competitor to match.”