Lender Reaches Out To Brokers

Parkside Lending, LLC, a national wholesale and correspondent lender, announces the creation of a new Broker Advisory Board that is designed to leverage the expertise and feedback from a diverse group of Parkside Lending’s wholesale clients.

Advisory Board members will meet quarterly with Parkside Lending’s senior management team, led by Matthew Ostrander, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Parkside Lending. Their discussions are intended to provide input that will be used to optimize Parkside Lending’s products, enhance the customer experience and improve communication. The participants, in turn, will benefit by learning about opportunities, business strategies and peer successes and challenges.

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“We are excited about this new forum as it will provide us with constructive insights that will help guide future Parkside enhancements and strengthen our ability to deliver the ‘Power of Caring,’” said Ostrander. “At the same time, the individual Board members will benefit by strengthening their relationships with members of our senior management team. Ultimately, the exchange of ideas and information will positively influence their businesses and ours.”

The first of the quarterly meetings commenced earlier this month.

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