What Does It Take To Be A Licensed Appraiser?

I am extremely privileged to be part of two professions. As a true aviator for the past 25 years, I first took flight at 16. While I love to fly, I decided to pursue a second wonderful and fulfilling career as a Certified Residential Appraiser almost 13 years ago. I am currently a Lead Quality Control Review Appraiser with AXIS Appraisal Management Solutions and the Chair of the USGBC, United States Residential Green Building Committee.

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Both of my industries, aviation and residential property appraisal, have expressly stated their eligibility requirements for professionals to pursue each career. Allow me to provide you a critical assessment as to the differences and challenges of being a Certified Residential Appraiser compared to becoming a Commercial Airline Pilot. This comparison chart lays out the main requirements of each profession:

TME616-Your Voice Chart

For appraisers, the set of application procedures provide applicants quite a tedious challenge. Bearing in mind that a Certified Residential Appraiser’s work is to mainly perform residential real property appraisals, the requirements seem to be disproportionate when compared to obtaining an Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL).

It is crucial to note that there is a great disparity in terms of the requirements in the application for an ATPL considering the fact that every pilot is burdened with a vital responsibility not only in keeping the aircraft in good condition; but more importantly, in ensuring the safety and security of the passengers of the aircraft.

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Having been exposed both in the field of commercial aviation and residential appraising, as a pilot who has been in command of a 100 million dollar aircraft with 180+ souls on board and as a current certified residential appraiser who can perform a valuation on a property that can be as low as $5000, the disparity between the eligibility requirements seems to be excessive.

While I am fully aware of the duties and responsibilities of a Certified Residential Appraiser, I highly regard that the application procedure and eligibility requirements that are being set are excessive. To this effect, excessive regulation on their qualification criteria, it is claimed, limits the ability of the appraisal industry to hire and entice competent individuals as they are easily discouraged by the requirements.

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