Trust Matters

This year the Presidential Election is the major story. And, in my opinion, the state of play is very sad. Significant majorities of registered voters have an equally unfavorable opinion of both major party presidential candidates, according to a new survey.

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In total, 59% of registered voters say their opinion of Clinton is unfavorable, according to a poll put out by the Washington Post/ABC News.

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Those numbers put Clinton on equal footing with Donald Trump, who also faces a daunting favorability deficit. Trump is viewed unfavorably by 60% of registered voters according to the poll.

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What does this have to do with the mortgage industry? It’s crazy to say but while these two, Clinton and Trump, were successful in getting their party nomination, neither would be able to maintain long term success in the mortgage industry. Why do I say that? Because in our industry trust matters. Relationships matter. If you want to get ahead you have to build a solid reputation.

So, how do you do that these days? Jon Gordon’s best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. Numerous NFL, NBA, MLB coaches and teams, Fortune 500 companies, school districts, hospitals and non-profits have put his principles to the test. Here are 11 tips that he has for companies to build trust and capture market share as a result:

1.) Say what you are going to do and then do what you say!

2.) Communicate, communicate, communicate. Frequent, honest communication builds trust. Poor communication is one of the key reasons marriages and work relationships fall apart.

3.) Trust is built one day, one interaction at a time, and yet it can be lost in a moment because of one poor decision. Make the right decision.

4.) Value long-term relationships more than short-term success.

5.) Sell without selling out. Focus more on your core principles and customer loyalty than short-term commissions and profits.

6.) Trust generates commitment; commitment fosters teamwork; and teamwork delivers results. When people trust their team members they not only work harder, but they work harder for the good of the team.

7.) Be honest! My mother always told me to tell the truth. She would say, “If you lie to me then we can’t be a strong family. So don’t ever lie to me even if the news isn’t good.”

8.) Become a coach. Coach your customers. Coach your team at work. Guide people, help them be better and you will earn their trust.

9.) Show people you care about them. When people know you care about their interests as much as your own they will trust you. If they know you are out for yourself, their internal alarm sounds and they will say to themselves “watch out for that person.”

10.) Always do the right thing. We trust those who live, walk and work with integrity.

11.) When you don’t do the right thing, admit it. Be transparent, authentic and willing to share your mistakes and faults. When you are vulnerable and have nothing to hide you radiate trust.

Let’s lead by example. Do what you can to build trust and your business will thrive.

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