The Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2017 Will Be …

People-based marketing company Signal produced an infographic predicting eight trends we’ll see in digital marketing in 2017.

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A few highlights include:

>>Customer identity will underpin multichannel engagement. Over 50% of US marketers agree that expanding identity-based marketing across all channels is extremely important, the infographic explains.

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>>Customer loyalty will become marketers’ top priority, as 55% of CMOs in the US are planning to implement new solutions in 2017 to grow customer relationships.

>>Customers will demand life-enhancing experiences. Marketers will be able to use the data they have to create such experiences, and they will need to find creative and rewarding ways for customers to share that data, the infographic suggests.

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Here’s the full scoop on  Signal’s eight predictions on 2017 digital marketing trends:


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