It’s Important That Technology Vendors Deliver

Technology vendors have a long history in our space of over promising. I’m old enough to remember the literally years of delays that Harland encountered before if finally delivered its new LOS, which at that time was called E3. Month after month it was promised, but the actual delivery didn’t happen for some time. So, when a vendor delivers on its rollout promises, I think it’s worthy of note. For example, Exceleras, creator of the DispoSolutions Real Estate Owned (REO), ValueSolutions Collateral Valuation and ClearView Offer Management platforms, announced the release of scheduled updates for its platforms this week, including a number of upgrades for the firm’s DispoSolutions REO and asset management software platform. The company rolled out the new updates on March 22, hitting its target date for the upgrade.

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“Delivering updates when we promise to is important because our clients are relying on our platforms to complete mission critical work,” said Amy Bergseth, Chief Operating Officer for Exceleras. “Their businesses are constantly adapting to changes in the environment and they count on us to provide the functionality they’re going to need to continue to serve their customers in the future.”

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Exceleras develops, updates and maintains all of the software it offers to the market. The company has established a schedule of regular updates, which it shares with its customers. As new requirements come to light, they are added to the schedule and then released to the company’s users on time.

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The most recent updates to the company’s software included new methods for merging fields in custom-built tasks. By adding any one of several available tags to the custom task document sections, task fields or task instructions, administrators can choose to automatically generate property-specific information with outgoing tasks and documents. For a complete list of available merge fields or assistance configuring your account to make use of this new feature, please contact your account representative.

“Constant improvement is a commitment to our customers that we take very seriously,” said Exceleras President and CEO Michael Harris. “Because we build our own software, we have the responsibility to continuously improve it to meet the changing needs of our customers. We have an excellent track record of accomplishing this and this most recent update is another case in point. This is one more way we work to stay ahead of any competitors.”

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