Vendors Integrate Doc Prep And Digital Closing Platforms

Pavaso, Inc. (Pavaso), a provider of digital closing and collaboration solutions for the mortgage and real estate lifecycle, has partnered with Gregg & Valby, LLP (Gregg & Valby), a Texas law firm and technology provider with a 40 year history of representing financial institutions and independent mortgage companies.

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The partnership will integrate the technologies of both companies, allowing for a seamless transfer of nationwide closing documents into the Pavaso Digital Close platform electronically. Gregg & Valby serves clients across the country in document preparation and legal and regulatory compliance matters for both mortgage loan origination and servicing activities. The Firm also provides nationwide mortgage loan fulfillment services.

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Pavaso’s Digital Close is a powerful closing solution that enables mortgage lenders and their business partners and consumers to communicate, collaborate and work in one central virtual location. This alliance not only meets the demands of today’s tech savvy consumers, but it streamlines workflows, provides extraordinary efficiency and helps organizations increase productivity by eliminating manual steps.

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Gregg & Valby Managing Partner, Scott Valby, feels the partnership will create a powerful advantage for clients. “We represent firms and people seeking maximum results and superior service,” said Valby. “Pavaso is the proven industry leader when it comes to making the transaction seamless.  For our clients, that means optimal efficiency; a smooth customer experience, and, above all, the very best results.”

“Gregg & Valby is renowned for its service, results and integrity, which promises outstanding results for this partnership,” said Mark McElroy, President and CEO of Pavaso. “We eagerly anticipate delivering the tools and expertise needed for the Firm and its clients to evolve and achieve digital transformation. Partnerships like this demonstrate which firms are choosing to create a better path for consumers by providing a modern, transparent way forward.”

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