New Online 1003 Solution Hits The Market

SimpleNexus, a provider of digital mortgage technology, has launched a new online loan application solution, adding to its suite of origination tools. The new web application assists mortgage lenders with increasing customer engagement by making the process of applying for a mortgage easier.

The web application integrates with the native app and entire SimpleNexus digital mortgage platform, creating an omni-channel experience that gives loan officers or realtor partners a simple way to immediately get the loan application into the hands of the borrower to fill out and complete.

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Borrowers can search for homes, apply for a mortgage, run calculations, upload documents and see real-time status of their loan progress. The loan application is responsive, ensuring easy navigation, regardless of the screen size or device.  This significantly increases loan pull through while reducing abandonment rates.

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“Our custom online loan application improves the borrower experience by cultivating the human to human interaction with new technology that enhances rather than replaces the role of the loan officer,” stated Joe Wilson, SimpleNexus chief marketing officer.

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Mortgage Lenders can fully configure the loan application, choosing which questions to ask and in which order they appear. The online application is custom branded to the lending institution and includes individual pages for each loan officer to share.

SimpleNexus provides a private-label digital mortgage platform and mobile app that connects mortgage lenders with borrowers and real estate agents, allowing all parties to easily exchange data and documents through the lifecycle of a mortgage loan. With SimpleNexus, a loan officer becomes a mobile originator. Through its smartphone app, loan officers are able to view new loan applications instantly, pull and view credit reports, run live pricing scenarios via Optimal Blue, see a live CRM feed and send pre-approval letters—all of this from the palm of their hand, as the app connects real-time with their LOS.