Direct Integration Simplifies The Antiquated Complexities Of Updating Post-Trade Details

Resitrader, an Optimal Blue company and the leading online digital exchange for whole loan trading in the secondary mortgage market, integrated its fully automated trading platform with LendingQB. The streamlined interface enables participants to quickly and efficiently update loan-level trade information from the Resitrader platform into LendingQB immediately following completion of a trade. Resitrader creates a trade ticket for every trade between sellers and buyers, as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. LendingQB users can import price, commitment, and investor loan numbers across multiple trades with a single click.

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The integration includes data elements as specified by the originator, and the seamless integration also allows the user to generate and leverage custom fields applicable to their unique business processes and need. With one click, data is securely transported in real time and accepted by the LendingQB platform.

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“The ‘one-click’ feature is highly regarded by our clients,” said Linn Cook, Director of Sales and Marketing with LendingQB. “The ability to easily move data from trading to their LOS has saved an incredible amount of time and streamlined the archaic process of manual, duplicate entry.”

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The integration between LendingQB and Optimal Blue’s loan trading platform is considered an exciting first step of many new digital integrations between the firms and their respective platforms. With this initiative complete, the firms have now turned their attention toward fully integrating LendingQB with Optimal Blue’s hedge advisory and product eligibility and pricing engine.

“Our partnership with LendingQB further demonstrates our commitment to an open platform across the industry,” explained John Ardy, Vice President of Resitrader by Optimal Blue. “We look forward to expanding integrations with LOS and hedge-advisory firms to cover the full spectrum of the mortgage loan process; and we believe the relationship with LendingQB is one of many that will support the initiative for Optimal Blue and our network of strategic alliance partners to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our customers.”

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