Churchill Mortgage Equips Real Estate Professionals With Strategies For Success

Churchill Mortgage has launch of its “Momentum Makers” campaign designed to help real estate professionals refine how they engage with homebuyers and win clients in today’s hypercompetitive market. Churchill is a leader in the mortgage industry providing conventional, FHA, VA and USDA residential mortgages across 46 states.

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Real estate professionals are under tremendous pressure to differentiate themselves from the competition and enhance how they operate in a digital world, all while providing exceptional homebuyer service and a personal touch with each engagement. In an industry defined by its “sink-or-swim” mentality, Churchill is now providing these professionals with a resource featuring tailored advice and guidance on how real estate professionals can enhance their customer acquisition strategies, online presence and use of technology. 

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To sign up for Churchill’s “Momentum Makers,” or to view the latest resources for real estate professionals, click here:

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“As market competition for housing continues to grow, real estate agents are laser focused on serving their clients’ needs and identifying leads, not so much on the latest technology trends or online marketing tactics,” said Tanya Cross, Acquisition and Digital Marketing Manager for Churchill Mortgage. “Churchill’s Momentum Makers newsletter is designed to alleviate this burden and help real estate agents enhance their business strategies, without requiring tedious research or an expensive marketing budget.”

“The relationship between a mortgage lender and real estate agent is not solely built on the leads or clients they share,” said Mike Hardwick, founder and president of Churchill Mortgage. “Rather, the proper foundation for any successful, productive relationship is in the advice and insight shared between the two. Churchill is proud to offer our industry partners Momentum Makers as a resource to enhance their business.”

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