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‘Dig’ These New Apps

By Lew Sichelman

Mortgage People Never Die

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Meets The HENRYs

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How’s Your Online Messaging?

Purveyors of mortgages spend most of their advertising dollars online, according to a new research report. Lenders spend a whopping 39 percent of their ad budgets online, the extensive 39-page report from Borrell Associates, an advertising firm in Williamsburg, Va., says. The other 61 percent is spread over numerous other media, with none commanding more […]

If Jobs Was A Builder

Even several years after his death, the name Steve Jobs draws a crowd. To be specific, an overflow crowd at Urban Land Institute’s fall meeting last month in Chicago, where the topic was what kind of bold innovations the legendary Apple founder would be undertaking had he been a residential developer. “There has been very […]

Old Bankers Never Die …

*Old Bankers Never Die…*
**By Lew Sichelman**

***What is it with the old farts of the mortgage business? They just won’t go away. For every Joe Reppert, who unceremoniously threw in the towel as vice chairman at Core Logic this summer, there are four or five “generians” of one sort or another who refuse to call it quits.

Financial Literacy

*Financial Literacy*
**By Lew Sichelman**

***It’s incredible how much the American public doesn’t know about the very basics of their own financial well-being. Credit scores are a great example. According to a survey from the Consumer Federation of America, a large swath of otherwise decent, law-abiding citizens don’t know jack about their credit scores. And that’s too bad, because as CFA Director Stephen Brobeck pointed out, that’s going to cost them a boat-load of money.

Beware The Schneiderman

*Beware The Schneiderman*
**By Lew Sichelman**

***Who is Eric Schneiderman and why is he out to get us? That may soon be the mantra of mortgage market players, if it isn’t already. And soon, very soon, the name Schneiderman could replace the names Cordray and Frank as the Man from the Dark Side who is hell bent to straighten out this business of making and selling home loans.

But Will It Fly?

*But Will It Fly?*
**By Lew Sichelman**

***One of the cardinal rules of journalism is to write the story first and the headline will follow. Another is that writers should not write the headline; that’s best left to the editors. But I violated those canons here because I just can’t help thinking America’s Homeowner Alliance is likely to fall flat on its kisser.

Top Of Mind Stuff

*Top of Mind Stuff*
**By Lew Sichelman**

***Paul Muolo, my friend and former colleague at a publication that shall remain nameless, sure stirred up a hornet’s nest when he wrote late last moth that the Federal Housing Finance Agency is contemplating a big change – read that DROP – in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s loan limits. He and others who quickly jumped on the bandwagon have pressed the FHFA about when the big announcement would be coming, and the agency responded that it would do so in due time. But what’s the big deal, here?