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Executive Spotlight: Andy Pollock Of Clayton Consulting Services

This week, the spotlight shines on Andy Pollock, senior managing director of Clayton Consulting Services. Q: The TRID rule has been in effect for three months. How has the industry responded to this rule, and what measurable impact is it having? Andy Pollock: TRID reminded me a lot of Y2K: In the months leading up […]

A Few Words On Exhibition Hall Goodies

By Phil Hall

Holiday Gifts For The Housing Industry

Yes, it is that time of the year again. And once more, I get to play Santa and match the right gifts for those naughty and nice characters the impacted the mortgage and housing world. So, let’s see who will be received special gifts this season: For Richard Cordray: A hearing exam. It would appear […]

What Gov. Mike Huckabee Got Right

By Phil Hall

Executive Spotlight: Jason Roth of ComplianceEase

Today, the spotlight is on technology and our guest expert is Jason Roth, chief technology officer at ComplianceEase. Q: TRID has been in effect for nearly two months. What impact has it had on the current operations within the industry? Jason Roth: TRID has certainly slowed things down as lenders ease into new procedures. The […]

What Mike Huckabee Got Right

How little do the presidential candidates think about housing policy as a major issue? Well, last month there was a forum in New Hampshire designed to spotlight the presidential candidates’ views on housing issues. However, the leading contenders from both parties ignored the forum, with low-polling Martin O’Malley arriving as the sole Democrat on the […]

Executive Spotlight: Ed Skornik of LRES

This week, the spotlight shines on Ed Skornik, the new regional vice president of sales for the Dallas/Fort Worth office at LRES. Q: TRID has been in effect for nearly a month. What measurable impact has TRID placed on today’s lending environment? Ed Skornik: While it is still very early to confidently comment on TRID’s […]

The Shadow Comfort Of Conspiracy Theories

I recently stumbled across an organization known as the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), which exists to “expose, oppose, and litigate against collusion to control the price and supply of gold and related financial instruments.” If you believe the GATA spin, this group has been successful in exposing “Western treasury and central bank efforts to […]

Richard Cordray And My Bichon Frise

By Phil Hall

Executive Spotlight: Douglas Obey, Author of Money and the Human Condition

This week, our spotlight shines on Douglas Obey, certified financial planner and author of the new book Money and the Human Condition. Q: What inspired you to write Money and the Human Condition? Douglas Obey: My frustration with the fact that in arguably the most capitalistic country on the planet, American’s have little if any […]