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Predictive Methods: MISMO’s Role In The Mortgage Industry

*MISMO’s Role in the Mortgage Industry*
**By William E. King**

***The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) has had a significant impact on the way data is stored and shared since the collapse of the housing market in 2008. MISMO is transparent by design, uses a single business vocabulary and is available across the entire mortgage finance industry. Adoption of MISMO standards represent the most significant opportunity for professionals to meet industry demands for increased transparency, access to complete data sets and more supported analysis across the rapidly evolving mortgage finance landscape.

Predictive Methods: Reconciling Appraisal Outcomes

*Reconciling Appraisal Outcomes*
**By William E. King**

***It is common for lenders to get several valuations for a single property to ensure an accurate determination of value. These valuations need to be reconciled into a single, overall property valuation that will become the basis for the lending decision. Reconciliation is a method by which an appraiser or reviewer concludes a final, well-supported valuation of the property.

Predictive Methods: UMDP Post Mandate

*UMDP Post Mandate: Signals for Current and Projected Industry Change*
**By William E. King**

***The 2008 financial and housing market crash exacerbated the need for greater accountability and transparency in gauging the risk inherent in a property, and cautioned investors not to limit focus to consumer risk alone. As the economy grappled with the ramifications of the crash, there is no doubt that significant change was necessary for the U.S. finance and housing system to effectively recover.